is a real estate ecosystem that makes the buying & selling of property quicker and easier.

Buying real estate Don't miss the one

Find the property you want in half the time by using cutting edge, patent pending technology. Share your favorites with significant others, business partners, family members, and your agent to get their feedback. Whip out SpotScore on site and score each property so that you remember what you liked – and what you didn’t. Don’t have an agent, pre-approval, or lender? The app will connect you with one.

Working in real estate Professional Tool that Can Build Your Brand

If you’re an agent, it gets even better. See what properties your client rates the highest, all in real time. Show half the properties you normally would and reclaim more time to put back into your families, free time, and business. Target very specific and interested homebuyers for your listings.

Data Meaningful Insights

Check the metrics that matter to you. Stay ahead of the curve by viewing latest criteria that are important and relevant to today’s home buyers. Agents can target specific groups of consumers that will provide detailed feedback of listings or things they are looking for in their specific area.

Seamless Communication No more sending properties to others manually

Align with loved ones, business partners, or agents on what is important with the click of a button. Push alerts prompt you to view activity from your trusted friends or clients, or even new ripples in your local market.

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