Got Leads If You Want It

In Real Estate, Leads are the Thing

Just like the Rolling Stones album that I ripped off borrowed to name this article, offering someone something that they want is a good thing. The Stones offered people live music and, hey, live music is good. At SpotScore, we can’t sing a lick, but we’re pretty good at helping real estate professionals find leads. And leads, it turns out, are a really good thing.

So good, in fact, that other real estate websites and apps have based their business model on them. A hypothetical real estate search company, let’s say based in Seattle, usually makes money by charging agents to advertise on their site as a “Premier Agent,” giving them the ability to show up on other agent’s listings or have exclusivity on their own listing. They are charged by the number of times they are seen on the site, and are charged more if they are shown in a high value area. This setup may seem pretty fair, but it often leads to mega-agents spending far more than their more humble counterparts and butting into their listings. And since the best markets are naturally more expensive, these same high-octane agents dominate the wealthier markets, keeping new or smaller agents out of contention.

That’s a pretty steep cover charge to see that band. Luckily, your friends at SpotScore have figured out a way to get music to everyone – and the tickets won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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