How to SpotScore

Let’s learn to SpotScore

So you want to use SpotScore to find your perfect spot? Gosh, you’re smart! SpotScore is the best app around for finding the place you will love to call home, so whether you’re looking for a small bungalow near the beach, a five bedroom suburban paradise, or a hip midtown crash pad, we’ve got you covered. Want to know how it works?  Step into my office and let’s take a tour.  And by office I mean your phone.

Setting up your account.

Creating an account in SpotScore is easy.  Just hit “Create an account” and enter your email address of choice along with a password that you can actually remember – but not so easy that your mom can guess it in a few minutes.  STAY OUTTA MY APP, MOM!

And try to get your information correct, or SpotScore will helpfully remind you that, well, you didn’t.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, fill in your personal information so we know just who we are helping.  Name and birthday are usually all we need for now.

Next, decide which type of account you want to have.  If you are looking for a home to purchase, select Buyer.  If you’re selling your home, select Seller. And if you’re a professional Real Estate Agent, choose Agent.  For this walk through, we’ll go with Buyer.

Once you’ve got that covered, choose what kind of Subscription Plan you’d like to go with.  Most Buyers go with our Monthly Plan, while seasoned pros typically pick the Yearly option. If you’re unsure or can’t make up your mind between these two unbelievable values, get a 30-day free trial and keep rolling.

Congratulations!  You’re at the top of the ramp and ready to load in to the real estate ride you’ve been dreaming of.  (For people over 40, that was a skateboarding reference.)

Searching for a Dream Home

Once you’ve got your account all squared away, it’s time to get into the stuff that really makes SpotScore tick: Ratings.  This is what separates the app from other real estate programs you’ve used before, so let’s check out what makes SS so special.


It all starts with a simple question:

It sounds like a line from an 80s Rom-Com, but it is the key to getting the most out of SpotScore.  Choose from fields like Location, Rooms, Space, Look, Features, Price, Neighborhood, and Schools. Select one that really matters to you and set the field to match what you’re looking for.  In our example, we did Rooms.

We’re looking for at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms – we don’t want our guests that close if you know what I mean.  

Once you’ve set your preferences, you can really find out what sets SpotScore apart.  

You get to rank them.

Each factor gets to be weighted based on what you really want.  And while I want that second bathroom, having a second bedroom is much more important – about twice as much.  

Once you’ve got the hang of this, try adding other features to the mix.  We added Price, probably the most common ranking factor.


And don’t forget to weigh your preferences when you add something new!

That second bathroom is looking less and less important.  I guess the guests are going to have to go to the coffee shop next door.

Once you’ve got your preferences set and weighted, it’s time to go to that old real estate mantra: location, location, location.

Choosing a Location

Once you’ve got your preferences assigned, you need to pick where you want those preferences to work.  SpotScore will take you to a map of your local area, but you don’t have to start there.  Just scroll back with your fingers and zoom in on whatever area of the United States that you want.  Here is an example.

You’ve probably noticed by now the interesting word “Draw” in the top left corner.  Way to go, Eagle Eye! Drawing is how you narrow down where you would like SpotScore to start looking at properties, and it couldn’t be easier to use.  Unless we were telepathic. And our developers say that feature is in Beta.

To draw, just tap on one part of the map, then another.  A line will be drawn between the two, setting the boundary of your search area.  Tap two more times to complete a four sided figure that will trap all of those yummy homes inside for you to look at.

Once you’ve got that done, SpotScore will start recommending properties in your target area based on the preferences you set beforehand.  Now it’s time to check them out and say if you like them or not.

Viewing Properties

SpotScore will show you homes, condos, townhouses and lofts based on your preferences and likes from earlier.  When you have something that matches, you’ll get a message like this.

The price, address and size of the property will be shown to you, along with a picture of the listing.  Feel free to start liking the properties you approve of with a thumbs up, or disliking them with a thumbs down.  

Getting properties that are too small, too large, or not quite right?  Fine tune your preferences and see what pops up. Let’s look for something a little larger.  And in a new town.

Don’t get carried away there, big shot!  (Unless you want to, then go bananas.)

But no matter if you want a one bedroom in Chicago, or a five bedroom 3,000 sq/ft house in Charlotte, SpotScore can help you find it and sort through to get the one you love.

Learning SpotScore, And SpotScore Learning You

At this point, the best thing to do is play around!  Change your preferences, fine tune what really matters to you, and explore the properties in your target neighbrohood until you find homes that speak to you.  

The great thing about SpotScore is that not only will you learn how to better use the app as you get used to it (and it’s pretty easy to learn!), but SpotScore also learns from you as you adjust your preferences and like and dislike properties.  Over time, it becomes better and smarter about showing you homes you’ll love – saving you time and effort. Cut down on the amount of showings you will need, shave months off of your home search, and get into your dream house faster than ever – that’s what SpotScore is all about.


So go ahead – adjust the ratings in your own life and slide the “Finding My Dream Home” bar up to 100%.  With SpotScore, you have the tool you need to prioritize one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. 

After all, another old real estate cliche is truer than ever: “Home is where the heart is.”

Have more questions?  Great! Check out our amazing FAQ and get yourself some answers.

Happy House Hunting!

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