In Real Estate, It’s All About That Data

Real Estate Can Be A Real Pain

Real estate agents, stop me if you’ve heard this one.

You’re at your fifth showing of the day with a new client, and you’re feeling good.  They like the bedrooms, the backyard is a good size, and hey, what about that finished basement?  Things are looking great until you hear, “I’m not sure about the size of that kitchen. And the appliances aren’t new.  Sorry, but a great kitchen is really important to us.”

Sound familiar?

And then when you make a new showing, forcing you to rush across town and scramble to find a parking space, you buyer is nowhere in sight.  Instead, they are somewhere else doing this:

Guy using SpotScore.

Hey, this new app is cool.

It Really Is All About That Data

In real estate, it’s all about data, whether that is knowing what your client is looking for or knowing what properties are available on the market.  The intersection of those two key pieces of information, what they want and what is available, is where you shine.

But juggling all of that information can be a Herculean feat, with even the best and brightest among us having the occasional detail slip through the cracks.  Every forgotten detail or miscommunication means another hour lost, another sale pushed further down the road – or missed entirely.

That’s why we created SpotScore.  With SpotScore, you don’t have to ask prospective home buyers a million questions, as the app does it for you.  Our program lets your clients rate homes on a variety of factors, making sure that nothing gets forgotten. And you don’t have to worry about them forgetting to tell you that they need a big yard for their three Newfoundlands, as they will pick homes with yards they like as they go along, helping you avoid more wasted time.

House on the other side of town.

Can you show me this one two hours away?

Work Smarter Not Harder

But the best part about SpotScore is that it’s smart.  SpotScore learns from your buyer’s selections, and the more homes they rate, the smarter it gets.  With machine learning technology, SpotScore can begin to predict the home of their dreams before they even knew exactly what they wanted.

Using SpotScore can get your buyers seeing the homes they will love, giving you a great chance to present an offer before your competitors.  It will also reduce the number of showings overall, leading to more time with friends or family – or a new client. Download SpotScore today and see how data can get you out ahead of the competition.

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