Less is More for Home Showings

Wasting Time on Home Showings is so 2007

Home showings, am I right?  Whether you are a buyer or an agent, taking forever to find the right home can be a bit of a drag.  You visit house after house, matching the features that you find with that vague list of “must haves,” and then have to start the process over with each home that you see.  For the buyer, every new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom starts to bleed into each other, making choosing one more complicated with every showing.

For the agent, every day you are showing is one more day before closing, and another day you aren’t working on another sale.  Your client measures each house based on the last house they saw, and before you know it weekend after weekend goes by an you feel no closer to a deal than when you started.

Home showings are supposed to be the fun part of the process for everyone.  Seeing houses in the flesh, and not on some bloated, every-house-in-the-area list or crowded red-tipped pin cushion of a map, THAT’s supposed to be a great day out.  Putting your hands on something that you may one day call your own is what it’s all about.

The peeps over at Medium looked at the Portland, OR market and came up with this: It takes about 9 showings on average to sell a property.  But the same article says that most properties averaged only 4 showings a month!

At that rate it would take two to three months to sell each property.  That’s a nightmare for both buyers and agents.  And sellers come to think of it!

It seems like there is no phrase more frustrating than, “Let’s just see one more.”  

Couple at home after multiple home showings.

And it only took us 27 home showings to find this one.

Show Smarter, Not Harder

Luckily, SpotScore is here to help.  We let home buyers rate homes in their area on a number of criteria like number of bedrooms, bathroom, important features and location.  Our app then uses these ratings to learn what a buyer is looking for and then recommends homes that match their wants and needs, narrowing down the number of listings before you ever go out to hit the pavement.  

SpotScore uses machine learning to get smarter with each new home rated, making each new recommendation more tailor-made for the savvy home buyer.  Just as technology has changed the way we choose a restaurant, select a daycare, or choose what movie to see, SpotScore takes the guesswork out of home showings by getting you in the doors you WANT to be in.

With SpotScore, the hard work is all on the app.  Instead of seeings ten to twenty different homes all over your target area, the app will be able to weed out homes that don’t match their criteria and instead focus on the ones that do, reducing showings to half of what they were.  

And not only that, but buyers will already feel confident that this home matches what they are looking for – after all, it is based on what they picked out themselves!

Cute house.

Oh no, they found me.

Time Isn’t On Your Side

In real estate, the most precious resource is time.  You can’t make more of it, and you can’t save enough of it.  Using SpotScore can help to make sure that buyers find the house that they want before other buyers, increasing the chance that they will make that killer offer.  If you’re a buyer, SpotScore becomes your secret weapon, slashing the amount of time you need before you can confidently make a play for the house of your dreams.

And for agents, the more time you spend with each client the less you spend with a new one.  Cutting down the time it takes to find your client’s home can be the difference between ten houses sold a year to twenty houses sold a year.  Getting that new guy in town or a family upgrading to a bigger home what they want gets you to the closing table faster than ever.  

And faster to close means more time for more clients.  If that isn’t a win-win, we don’t know what is.

So don’t waste any more time.  Download SpotScore and see how less could be a whole lot more.

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