The (Mostly) Honest Guide to Home Rating

When It Comes to Home Rating, Get Real.

So there you sit, sipping a mocha in your neighborhood coffee shop, scrolling through your phone and pretending that you aren’t about to go grab another sugar-filled blueberry and sin muffin. Sure, you’re being a bit indulgent, but you’re also shopping for your dream home on SpotScore as you scroll, which is kind of a big deal. But how do you do it the smart way, without lying to yourself about what you really want? It turns out that when it comes to rating a home, you’ve got to get real with yourself.

Now we don’t mean get real as in, “I shouldn’t eat another muffin. And I should have got a green tea instead of this delicious, chocolatey mocha. Oh God, I need to go to the gym. WHY DIDN’T I MARRY TIM INSTEAD OF ROBERT?” That’s a dark, steep slope best reserved for your therapist or, at a push, an awkward, drunken conversation with a stranger. Instead, get real about what you really want, while acknowledging what you actually need. Let’s take a look at what we mean.

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