The Secret to Happy Home Buying: Personal Connections

What do other people have to do with buying a home?

Look at it this way.  You’ve made all of your big decisions with your friends and family.  The college you went to, your major, that city you lived in when you met that special someone, and then the decision to make that special someone your forever someone.  Why should buying a home be any different? With SpotScore, it doesn’t have to be.

The problem most of us face when wanting a second opinion on a home is time.  Your agent is a very patient person, but taking you out two or three times to the same home so your Dad can run the rule (sometimes literally) over the place before he decides it is too small isn’t good for anyone. 

Or what about your best friend?  Won’t they want to give you their opinion and experience, especially if they are already home owners?

And that is assuming they are in the same town – for many of us, the people that are special to us live far away and won’t see the house we love until we post something on social media.

It’s a big problem, especially since you’ve valued their opinion since, well, forever.

SpotScore changes that.

SpotScore home buying with friend's ratings.

That’s where SpotScore comes in to bridge the gap.  With SpotScore, home buyers can rate houses on a variety of features from types of kitchens, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and more, making sure that what matters to you matters to us. 

It then takes those ratings and recommends houses based on your selections, showing you only the homes that will tickle your fancy.

More than that, SpotScore’s machine learning algorithm learns from your choices, getting smarter and more accurate the more homes you rate.  It is a great tool for taking the guesswork out of home buying.

But you already knew all of that, right?  So how can SpotScore connect you with the people you need to talk to that guide you through life’s big moments?

First of all, the app provides you the ability to link in your family and and friends directly.  Once they’re added and connected in the app, their ratings appear on homes as you look, letting you know what they think about homes without ever having to have a long, tedious, will-you-stop-bringing-up-babies-Mom text chains.

Getting to Home Sweet Home is easier than ever.

You’ll find yourself getting their opinion on features that may have been overlooked in your first search.  Mom may pick homes with enough space to let her visit, while Dad might go for ones that have a newer roof to save you money down the road.

And your college buddy may want you to have that amazing deck like the house you shared together so long ago.

SpotScore gives you a great chance to lean on the experience of others to make sure you go through home buying like a pro.

We’re way beyond sending someone a single listing from your agent or Zillow and waiting for a response.  Now, your whole team can crowdsource the home buying process.

So what are you waiting for?  Download the app today and invite the family and friends you trust to help you with one of the biggest decisions of your life. 

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