Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpotScore?

Glad you asked!  SpotScore is an app that acts as your own person real estate ecosystem, giving you the ability to choose what factors matter the most to you and have homes shown to you based on those ratings.  

It cuts out the hours of randomly searching through listings and instead helps you create a tailor-made, laser-focused home buying experience.

We work with sellers as well, giving you a market to showcase your home and get real time feedback on what people love – and what they don’t.  You can even put your home on SpotScore before you list to get vital knowledge and improve or price your property accordingly.

How do I start an account?

Just download the app and following the instructions.  You can also log in with your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.  Essentially if you have an email address you can sign up in under five minutes.

The key part is, once you’ve signed up, to choose your Ratings.  This helps tell the app what you are really interested in.

Check out our detailed blog on How To SpotScore for more information.

Is SpotScore in every state?

Not yet.  We are focusing on a few territories to better serve each market as we grow and develop.  Right now, we are in the following markets:

AZ – Phoenix Metro Area

CA – Los Angeles Metro Area & San Diego Metro Area

DC – Washington, D.C.

FL – Orlando Metro Area & Miami Metro Area

IL – Chicago

MD – Baltimore

NC – Charlotte Metro Area

NY – Brooklyn & Long Island

PA – Philadelphia Metro Area

VA – Northern Virginia Metro Area

As we expand we will let you know so you can either use us or gush to your friends about how great we are and that we are now available in their local town.

Where can I download the app?

You can find SpotScore on the App Store or in Google Play.

What does it cost?

For Buyers?  Nothing. Zilch.  Nada.

For Sellers and Real Estate Agents the price is a flat $25 fee per month.  That’s it.

Does SpotScore work for Real Estate Agents?

Yes!  SpotScore is designed by real estate agents, for real estate agents.  We wanted to have a platform that spreads love (and leads) to agents everywhere, not just those who can pay the most.  Once an agent signs up they get leads on a randomized basis, so that each agent has the chance to get every lead that comes through the app.

But the real value is in how SpotScore helps you connect with your customers.  When you and your client have the app, you have access to their likes and dislikes, cutting out precious time that you could be showing them boring houses that won’t work.  The app is designed to reduce the number of showings before finding your client that perfect place to call home, generating more closings and more sales per year. All while making your clients happier than ever.

What if I don’t know what I want in a home yet?

That’s fine, we’ve got you covered.  As you look through different kinds of homes, find the ones that speak to you and you can rate them as you look.  Click on a property and adjust the sliders below to rate each home as you come to it. The app will learn from you and adapt to make sure you see homes that match what you want, as you figure it out.

Does SpotScore track my location?

SpotScore only uses your location to find your local real estate area, helping you target properties near you.

We don’t “track” anyone, and we don’t store your location data.  All we do is try to figure out where you are so we can show you homes nearby.